″Should the drinking age be increased or decreased?″

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It′s an English class, but the topic is about drinking age law. And I need an A+ for the final paper (this one). So I need something better than the example paper. My topic is ″Should the drinking age be increased or decreased?″ U can decide not to take a side on should be increased or decreased, write on both side is fine. (and that’s what I would do) 1. Why the gov set the drinking age at 21 2. Why some people think should lower the drinking age 3. Drinking age with crime 4. The effect of minimum drinking age laws on pregnancy, fertility and alcohol consumption 5. Some part in India increased drinking age to 25. Why. And what happened after that. 6. How′re the situations in other countries These are some of my thought. U can follow it or do your own way. Do which way you think is better. I don’t really mind. As long as the paper will be graded A+. Thank you. Minimum four sources, add more if you need.