Find 5-6 articles on a theme related to technology.

Writing Assignment #2: Reflective Annotated Bibliography

Writing Assignment #2 will be a reflective annotated bibliography of 5-6 sources. Organization for the Reflective Annotated Bibliography In this assignment you will complete the following:

1. find 5-6 articles on a theme related to technology. 2. list each article in alphabetical order in APA format. In other words, you will list each on as an

APA reference. 3. write a précis, a vocabulary section, a reflection, and a quotables section after each listing.

More details that explain each of these sections are provided below. The Four Sections for Each Annotation Part 1: The Précis: In this section, you will provide a descriptive summary of the material. To observe a video tutorial that takes you through the process of summarizing an article in a descriptive manner, click here. You will want to include the author’s main claim in the article as well as any sub-claims. In addition, please include the types of evidence the author uses to support this claim, including what data/facts/evidence the author uses to justify the claims of the article. Finally, you will want to mention the interpretations that this author arrives at through the claims and evidence and the points or conclusions she presents. You may use the first-person point of view (“I”) in your précis. Your précis for each article should be 100-150 words. Part 2: Vocabulary: In this section, you will select key terms that were used in the article or words with which you were unfamiliar. You don’t need to include definitions of these terms; however, you should look up their definitions for your own benefit. You should come up with 5-10 vocabulary terms for each article. Part 3: Reflection: In this section, you will describe your opinion about what the author has stated in the article. Please state whether you agree, disagree, or agree on some points and disagree on others. You can mention any criticisms, questions, or comments you have on the author’s methods of research. In addition, include any unanswered questions you have as a result of having read the article carefully. Include items or concepts that you do not understand, information you would need to have in order to better understand the article, etc. You will, of course, use the first-person point of view (“I”) in this part of the reflective annotated bibliography. Your reflection section for each article should be 100-150 words. Part 4: Quotables: In this section, you will insert direct quotations from the article that you feel exemplify its claims or interpretations. You can also include sentences in which the author stated his or her claims exceptionally well. Please include page number(s) where you found the quotes. Moreover, please place quotation marks around the chosen phrase and make sure you cite the phrase verbatim. Your quotables section for each article should contain 4-8 quotes.

More Resources on Writing an Annotated Bibliography: The following are some links to sample annotated bibliographies. However, please keep in mind that these are samples of conventional annotated bibliographies, not of reflective annotated bibliographies, as this assignment asks for.

• A variety of samples from The University of North Carolina Writing Center, including these specific examples of APA-style annotations.

• Some instruction from Cornell University. The website also provides more information on the process of writing an annotated bibliography.

• Some instruction from East Carolina University.

Due Date: to be determined by the instructor

Thanks to Mark McBeth, Associate Professor/Deputy Chair of Writing Programs, English, John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY for his inspiration

in designing this writing assignment