Analysis of Ethical Considerations

You will read a case study attached and answer a series of questions concerning an analysis of ethical considerations governing marketing practices, as leaders are responsible for such endeavors.

 Two-page paper by addressing each of the following items:

  • In your own words, how would you describe “ambush marketing”? Include two examples with your description.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages (risks and consequences) of ambush marketing?
  • What was Bavaria Beer hoping to achieve through its ambush marketing tactics?
  • Would you consider Bavaria Beer’s ambush marketing an unethical practice or simply a competitive strategy? Explain.
  • Can ambush marketing be both intentional and unintentional? Explain.
  • As a leader of an organization, would you allow the practice of ambush marketing? Explain.

Be sure to demonstrate a clear analysis as you address each question. Use APA style to format your assignment.

Financial Management

Financial Management 


 Based on chapter 10 and 11

icon Personal Reflections 6

Write a page on how the topics of this learning module affect you personally.

Submission Instructions:

  • The paper is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation, and misspelling.
  • The paper is to be 1 page in length, current APA style, excluding the title, and references page.
  • Incorporate a minimum of 1 current reference (published within the last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. 

Porter's Diamond model

2K WORDS. 9 references min

The Basics Of Writing Well


Answer each of the questions below. You can add as much detail as you wish. Be sure your answers are clearly understood by the reader. Remember, you choose the correct words, you choose the number (NOT amount!) of words to use. Your goal is to make your ideas clear and communicate your understanding of the questions to the reader. This is good practice using a couple of key ideas explored in the last two lectures.

Make sure your homework LOOKS GOOD! Use the tools we have just discussed to make your homework easy to read and visually appealing! Creating a visually appealing DOCUMENT is now a concept you are familiar with. A clear, easy-to-follow document will always aid in communication and understanding. 

1. There are THREE “Keys to Writing Well” : 1. have something to say  2. write “it” well  3. make “it” LOOK good.  Briefly explain what each means.

2. List at least 5 writing TOOLS used to make business documents visually appealing.

3. You should always use “plain English” when writing in the business world. We have also said that you should “write the way you talk” when writing in the business world. What does this mean exactly?

4. Based on the slides, what is the UGLIEST color for cars? 

5. Rewrite the following sentence removing all the vague wordiness. Use concrete words and concise language instead:

As you already know, Professor Metz really hates when his students use lots of unnecessary words and when these words are kind of, you know, meaningless.

6. Many of you said you have trouble getting started. OK, let’s practice. Complete each of the following ideas that could be used to begin a business document:

     a. Our firm has decided to…

     b. During this unprecedented shutdown…

     c. Please take the time to review…

     d. Most of you will be excited…

     e. We face challenges that will impact us for the forseeable future. However, …

Be sure your homework is submitted as a WORD file or a PDF file. DO NOT use the “COMMENTS” section. DO NOT use the “WRITE SUBMISSION” option.

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Analysis 2

Answer three analysis question similar to whats on the paper. Only the highlighted ones need to be answer. You can the information from the other attachments

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Exercise


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Exercise

Instructions: Follow carefully

To submit your assignment, copy the information below and paste into the Write Submission box. Then, type your answers directly below each category. You must first read and understand what a CRM system is, it is not strategies. A CRM system helps to Accelerate Sales, Build Relationships, and Deliver Projects.

A good exercise for all CRM projects is to take select high-level sales and marketing organization strategies and tie those to your customer relationship management capabilities and functionality.  Fill in what you consider would be good items to include in a CRM system for this type of organization:

Sales Strategy






Marketing Strategy






Service Strategy






Labor Relations Unit 7


Reference: Course Textbook, Chapter 13, page 467, Figure 13.1 and Table 13.1. Note eTextbook page number may be different.

Identify and discuss briefly the possibility that applies to each of these six unions. Your response must first state the name of the Union, then identify and discuss which of the six possibilities was selected for that union. More than one possibility may apply. Include your reasoning.

  1. American Federation of Teachers (AFT) (Links to an external site.)
  2. Communication Workers of America (CWA) (Links to an external site.)
  3. International Brotherhood of Teamsters (Links to an external site.)
  4. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) (Links to an external site.)
  5. United Automobile Workers (UAW) (Links to an external site.)
  6. United Mine Workers of America (UMWA)

Hw mgmt454


You are a project manager assigned to work with a faculty member at Walsh.  A business case has already been approved for the addition of an online “Risk Management” class in the MBA program and the College has hired a new faculty member who has a PgMP certification and is the only one qualified to develop the course. 

The MBA chair is the project sponsor, the new faculty member is the subject matter expert or SME who will write all 11 weeks’ content, and the Division of Online Learning (DOL) will get the course ready to put in Moodle. Employees from other functional areas of the organization should be considered as stakeholders as well. 

Project Deliverables
A syllabus, lectures and assignments need to be written by the professor and made ready for Moodle by the DOL one week at a time, and the entire course reviewed and approved by the sponsor by March 1st.  These are the deliverables for the project. Keep in mind that this course will only run online and not on-ground. 

The addition of this course will not cause any expenses or expansions for Moodle. The new professor is salaried so there is no SME cost.  The DOL estimate is $20,000 and outside material for the course is expected to be less than $2,000.

The project needs to be completed (and signed off) by March 1 in order to allow enrollment for spring.  Once it is signed off, the project is over.

Using the attached project charter template (below), complete a charter for this project. Do not copy and paste the instructions here onto the charter – they are not specific enough to fill it out, and doing so will cost you points. Some hints:

  • The opportunity (or need or problem) statement tells us why this project should be considered.
  • Objectives tell us what needs to be done.
  • Assumptions are facts taken to be true about the project.
  • Constraints are known facts or things that limit the project in some way.
  • Risks identify unplanned issues that will negatively affect the project if they happen.

Type right into the document after saving it to your computer and upload the Word document by the due date. Remember to be thorough yet concise in your writing.  You should not need to include any researched material on this charter.  Watch scope creep  (going outside the bounds of the project request, as identified here). It will cost you rather than help you. Upload your finished document by clicking “add submission” below. Advance to the next link to see a lecture on charters that will be in week 2 and is copied here so you can get started early if you wish