4.4 Successful Leadership

Successful leadership is in tune with the issues and needs of an organization all while fostering an environment that allows for the growth and development of individuals’ talents and abilities. Successful leadership, however, starts with knowledge and use of the leader’s own talents and abilities.

What You’ll Need

  • Computer and internet access
  • MS Word or Apple Keynote software
  • Adobe Acrobat or Quicktime software
  • eBook: The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations, 5th Edition, Chapter 1.


Prepare a slideshow with a minimum of 15-25 slides or a 3-5 page paper for this assignment. As you share your thoughts on what you’ve learned during the past four weeks, and incorporate what you’ve learned from various sources (ex. books, article, research journals) into this assignment , make sure to cite your sources  and add a cover page (or slide) and a reference page (or slide) to your submission. As a suggestion, run your paper through a free online plagiarizer check to make sure the paper meets the academic ethical guidelines of The Los Angels Film School. 


Part I

As you embark and continue on your journey toward exemplary leadership, it is important to allow time for self-reflection. In a paper or slideshow explain your views and demonstrate your knowledge on the following:

  • What do you believe are your limitations or areas for improvement as a leader and follower? How could you improve in these areas?
  • What strengths and values will guide your actions and decisions as a leader?
  • Based on your strengths, weaknesses, and values, what challenges or disappointments do you think you might face? 
  • Choose one of The Five Practices for Exemplary Leadership and explain how you could integrate it into your leadership strategy (s) to help you handle possible setbacks.
  • What leadership strengths and/or strategies will you use if you ever encounter leadership challenges?
  • What leadership strengths and/or strategies will you use to keep yourself encouraged and motivated? 
  • What leadership strengths and/or strategies will you use to keep others encouraged and motivated? 
  • Explain how you will use The Five Practices and Ten Commitments to help you in your personal and professional growth as a leader.


Part 2

For the second part of your project access the Los Angeles Film School online library or the Safari/Creative Edge book website. Search and read an article or book on leadership and/or organizational behavior, then, provide your views on the following:

  • What are some leadership ideas you found valuable from your book and/or article reading?
  • What are some leadership ideas from your book and/or journal reading that align with some of the concepts and/or topics discussed in class?
  • What are some ideas and/or concepts from your book and/or journal reading that you plan to include as part of your leadership style?
  • What are some topics and/or concepts from each of our four weeks of class that are most relevant to your day-to-day responsibilities? You should list a minimum of four topics and/or concepts.
  • Explain how each of these leadership concepts and/or practices influences the success and effectiveness of teams and organizations.
  • How does leadership behavior relate to organizational success? Use concepts and/or ideas discussed in class to back up your claim.
  • Reflect on the previous four weeks. Using topics and/or concepts discussed in this course, what are some leadership goals you have set for yourself?
  • Continuous learning and development is important when leading others. How can you stay on top of organizational leadership trends?
  • How do you think emotions can influence the success of leaders and organizations?
  • How do you believe emotional intelligence and leadership styles can influence leadership success?
  • What are some ways that effective leadership contributes to the success of organizations? Cite at least two real-life examples different from any others that you have mentioned in this project.
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