Write a paper of 20–25 pages that demonstrates the ability to design a large-scale transformative change initiative utilizing the theories and methods explored in the course (including theories supporting the open systems model). Your paper should describe the qualitative (character) measures and the quantitative (performance) measures of a real life or fictional organization of at least 5,000 employees. Your paper should include the following information:

  • Introduction: Give a  brief description of the organization, including an organization chart,  industry position, and financial information. 
  • Diagnosis of the problem: Why is a transformation needed? Possibilities include technology changes, loss of market share, or decreasing profits. In this section of the paper, you will describe the internal and external      environment of the organization that you are in charge of transforming. 
  • Transformation strategies: What transformation strategy or strategies do you plan to employ based on your diagnosis? Include qualitative and  quantitative measures for any strategy that you decide to employ. Also include roles and responsibilities for each element of your transformation  strategy. 
  • Summary: Provide a summary of the expected output from your transformation strategy,  including a before-and-after comparison of organization performance.  Include time frames for all performance improvements.