9 – multiple choice questions about Fingerprints

This person is credited being the first European to recognize the value of friction ridge prints and to actually use them for identification purposes:

 A.Sir William Herschel 

B. Dr. Henry Faulds 

C. Alphonse Bertillion 

D. Sir Francis Galton 




The first noticeable development of friction skin on the volar surfaces takes place at about ……..weeks gestation.

A. 6 


B. 8

C. 10

D. 12




 The person credited with the first use of a “LASER” for latent fingerprint development was:

A. Dr. Henry C. Lee

B.Dr. E. Roland Menzel 

C. Mr. David Ashbaugh

D. Dr Peter DeForest 




Items that give off light when exposed specific wave lengths of light without treatment are said to have: 

A. Inherent Luminescence 

B. Refractive Index 

C. Chemical Luminescence 

D. Photosensitivity




False fingerprint identifications fall into three main categories except…..

 A. Deliberate Misrepresentation 

B. Forgery of Latent Print 

C. Incompetency of Analyst 

D. The Randomness of Nature




The Brandon Mayfield case is an example of :

A. Failure to properly apply ACE-V 

B. Culture of the Absolute 

B. Examiner Bias 

D. All of the above



 Fluorescent Powders are made up of……..& ……….

A. Carbon and Zinc Sorbates 

B. Fluorescent Dyes and Carbon Black 

C.Talc powder and Slate 

 D. Silica and Rodamine Dye



Fingerprint impressions have been observed on relics as old as :

A. 1000 years old

 B. 3000 old 

C. 6000 years old

De 12,000 years old 



The use of Fingerprints for Identification purposes of (proof identity) may date back to :

A. Japan as early as  702 AD 

B. The United States as early as 1902 

C. China as early as 300 BC 

D. All of the above

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