Analytic programing 4- Data Manipulation and Formatting


Because Eileen Dover, the CEO of Good For You! Bakery, began her business with limited background in data architecture, some historical data that was saved in legacy systems is in bad shape. For example, sales date information was entered haphazardly, in different formats; sometimes sales amounts included a dollar sign and cents to the right of the decimal, and sometimes they didn’t; and the alphanumeric code she initially used to designate products is confusing to her new managers.

Ms. Dover wants to ensure that she can move data from her legacy system to SAS®. She had one of her new IT people produce a pipe-delimited data file in .txt format. He was not able to do much data validation/cleaning on his end, and Ms. Dover wants to know if this crucial step can be completed in SAS®. She wants you to do the following:

  1. Import the legacy data file (Week 4 Assignment Data) into SAS®. (Note that if you look at the .txt file using a text editing program such as Notepad, you can see anomalies in the data; for example, dates and dollar amounts are represented in different formats.)
  2. Create a report that:
  3. Lists sales, by month, with subtotals and a grand total
  4. Interprets all dates correctly and displays them in the same format
  5. Interprets all dollar values correctly and displays them in the format $99
  6. Add comments to the SAS® code to explain what each section of the code does, so that your team can apply similar to logic to cleaning/validating other data files.

Follow the instructions in the Week 4 Assignment Instructions document to complete this assignment. You will be using the Week 4 Assignment Data file to complete this assignment.

Submit your SAS® program.

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