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  1. Analytics Software
    In the Group Discussion board for Analytics Software, discuss the following software (do an Internet search for information about these products or use your experience with these products): 1) Microsoft Excel, 2) Microsoft Access, 3) Tableau, 4) R-, 5) PowerBI, or 6) other OLAP solutions.
    Group Discussions: Each student will choose one of the 6 products above, conduct research on that product, post details on that product to the Group Discussion FILE EXCHANGE, and discuss with the other students which product might be the best for an OLAP solution.

    1. Create an initial post to tell the other students which product you will be researching. Students
      cannot share a product.
    2. Each student is expected to:
      1. create an initial post immediately to identify the product you have chosen.
      2. post written details on your research frequently through the FILE EXCHANGE
      3. be active in discussions so others know what you are doing and what you have found
      4. post your final written details on your research at least 1 week before the due date
      5. 1 week before the due date, start discussing how your product compares with the other products and tell everyone which product you might choose for an OLAP solution and under which case you might use it.
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