Analyze the decision of the court.

Read the overview of this case located in Appendix C of your textbook. Using online resources such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other reputable newspaper publications, but not Wikipedia, read the details of the case. Write a brief summary of the case from District Court through the Supreme Court ruling. In your summary, you should include the following:

  1. The background of the case. This should provide sufficient information for someone reading your summary to understand why the case is important.
  2. The central issue of the case. In other words, the issue that the court is trying to resolve.
  3. The principle arguments for, and against, as presented in the case.
  4. The facts as determined by the court. These are the facts that were utilized to determine the decision of the case.
  5. Discuss the role of the Civil Right Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination legislation of 1967 in this case.
  6. Analyze the decision of the court. Was the decision derived from solid logic and reasoning. If so, in what ways. If not, what was omitted or missed in their reasoning.
  7. In light of the Supreme Court ruling, what recommendations would you make to executive management if an employee like Christine McKennon claimed age discrimination after being terminated under similar circumstances?
  8. Support your discussion with 3 to 4 scholarly sources.

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