Answer the Following Quetstions


To whom it may concern,

My name is Carmen Sacco, a student at National Louis University in the Public Administration graduate program. I am conducting research which is based on the Chicago Police Department’s Consent Decree, and I am looking for accurate feedback and input to significant concerns regarding the Consent Decree. I have learned that you possess extensive knowledge regarding the Consent Decree, and I have attached a list of questions that would be a great help for me to receive your feedback and insight on the Chicago Police Department Consent Decree.

Thank you,

Carmen Sacco

1. Tell me about the reasons the Consent Decree is needed?

2. What are the requirements that the Chicago Police Department must follow per the Consent Decree?

3. Based on the requirements that CPD must follow, which, in your opinion will be the most challenging and why?

4. What is the nature of the majority of lawsuits against the Chicago Police Department?

5. How did the city of Chicago respond regarding lawsuits in the past?

6. How did the city of Chicago ensure that CPD follows through with the terms of the Decree?

7. Tell me about the agreement negotiation and why some of the terms were included.

8. What are the basic ideas for community partnerships between the public and law enforcement?

9. Who is in Community Policing Advisory Panel (CPAP)?

10. What role do members of CPAP play?

11. What desired outcome does CPD wish to achieve with engaging in this Consent decree?

12. In your opinion, will the public benefit from this agreement? Why?