write a 5-pg paper (double-spaced, one-inch margins) on a pressing social issue of their choosing: example include but are not limited to COVID-19 pandemic, migration, women’s health and rights, or any other topic that you have cleared with the professor. Students must incorporate at least THREE anthropological concepts that we have covered in class (examples: the social construction of gender, class stratification, gentrification, health disparities, structural violence). You must cite at least 5 references, three of which must be anthropological.

Questions to address in your paper about the social issue you are studying:

  • Why is this a key social issue of our time?
  • How can an anthropological perspective elucidate this social issue? (For instance, if you are writing about COVID-19, an anthropological focus would illuminate disparities along the axes of race and class in terms of who get sick and how well they fare when they do).

  • Style and flow (5 points)
  • Bibliography of at least 5 references
  • Thoughtful incorporation of at least three class readings/concepts (10 points)
  • Strength of reflection on the key social issue 5 points

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