On April 31, 2019 it was reported to management that Ms. Brown was observed arriving at the department after her 8:30AM start time on April 9, 2019 and April 18, 2019 However, Ms. Brown turned in payroll adjustments that stated she started work at 8:30AM on both dates in question. Upon review of Ms. Brown’s badge report shows that she did not badge into the building until 8:44AM on April 9, 2019 and 9:00AM on April 18, 2019, which means she was not in the building at the time she reported. 

On May 1, 2019, Kelly, Office Supervisor , and Linda from Human Resources, met with Ms. Brown  to discuss the above-mentioned concerns. When questioned, Ms. Brown stated she was not late on either day and stated she immediately started taking patients after she arrived at 8:30AM on both dates. When questioned regarding the discrepancy between her badge access time and her payroll adjustment forms, Ms. Brown was unable to provide any further explanation. 

While Ms. Brown  stated that she had taken care of patients after immediately arriving at 8:30AM on both dates, department documentation revealed Ms. Brown did not see a patient before 9:00AM on either date in question. Ms. Brown is responsible for ensuring the information she submits is true and accurate. Ms. Brown signed her name to multiple documents that were found to be inaccurate which constitutes falsification. This pattern is unacceptable and does not represent the values, standards, and service behaviors expected of all employees. 

Based on the above, in the opinion of the management of the company, this represents a violation of Code of Conduct Policy- Falsification which states, “Documenting true and accurate entries on the company’s records, patient medical records, forms, or other documents, is expected. Falsification of employment applications, employment records, time sheets (including clocking in or out for another employee), hospital records, forms, or other documents, are prohibited.” Accordingly. this is a reason for termination of Ms. Brown’s position in the company.