article bonus


Chapter 4: Quantitative and Qualitative

Chapter 5: Experimental Research Design

Read Chapter 4 & 5 Phase 1 of Paper is due 

Please Upload a Research Article – Article Bonus

Upload a research article, please identify if the article is quantitative or qualitative (See below).

I am requesting that everyone locate a scholarly article based on one of the following topics:

· Quantitative Research

· Qualitative Research

· Research Design

· Literature Review

Upload the article and briefly inform the Class what the article is about. (250 words)


All assignments must be completed and submitted as Microsoft Word documents. 

All assignments must follow APA 7th edition format. 

minimum of 250 words

references needed 

All written assignments will be submitted via Turnitin for evaluation. Papers submitted with a Similarity Index of greater than 20% will be viewed as an indication of high plagiarism content and subject to receive a grade of zero

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