The  High-End Electronic Store is located in a poor neighborhood. Sam  Shyster is the sales manager at High-End Electronic. He puts a sign in  the window reading, “New state of the art LED Television – only $19.”  Frankie Stein, fourth-grade level education dropout, sees the sign and  comes in and wants to buy one. Frankie asks, “Is it really $19?” Sam  says, “Yeah, take a look at this contract. See? $19!” What Sam doesn’t  point out is that it’s $19 a month for 10 years, chargeable to a credit  card. This is in small print buried toward the bottom of a 10-page  contract. Sam tells Frankie to sign and he does, although he has  difficulty understanding the contract at all.

Frankie wants out of the contract and sues High-End Electronic.  Decide the outcome of this case and explain your reasoning.

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