answer the 6 questions corresponding on primary care medication management. Provide responses and rationales. Support rationales with high level evidence. (See Post Expectations)

  1. What is the role of Narcan with substance abuse?
  2. What medication is the newest to be used in the treatment of opioid drug addiction and featured in MAT treatment programs?
  3. What type of pain medication is preferred for all cancer patients?
  4. Are Benzodiazepines as addicting as Opioids?
  5. Why is dextromethorphan abused?
  6. What is the difference in NP practice in the Reduced vs. Restricted State?


Initial Post:

  • Due: May 12, 11:59 pm PT
  • Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references
  • Citations: At least three high-level scholarly reference in APA 7 from within the last 5 years
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