Assignment on Security of Operation System.

Write a research paper on the vulnerability and security of operating system and its impacts on commercial eCommerce industry. Research work will be based on the Global Information Assurance Certification Paper document attached and the template format or guide to follow to complete this assignment also attached. This research paper will focus on the title “OS Cyber Security Improvement Plan” following the attached outline. Read the attached Global Information Assurance Certification Paper to complete the paper.

Read the attached  

read “Outline for OS Cyber Security Improvement Plan.” This document will explain all the necessary parts included in your plan. Using the detailed instructions in the file, create your own outline that has the following components:

  • Introduction
  • Current state description
  • Overview of OS weaknesses
  • Threats and vulnerabilities facing the OS
  • Understanding of applicable regulations
  • Desired future state
  • Five areas of cyber-security you want to improve
  • Conclusion

Submit your outline for the final paper (in Microsoft Word format), an OS cyber-security improvement plan for “Global Information Assurance Certification Paper.” 

Note: Completed work must not be saved as “Order number XXX” rather safe as “OS Vulnerability Work”.

Include credible references. 12 point double space must be used.

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