Attack Analysis


You work for Cyber Operations Inc (CyOps). CyOps is a military contractor specialising in information systems security.

CyOps has decided to create a library of past cyberattacks for intelligence purposes. The aim is when a new attack is being investigated, comparisons may be made with previous attacks. These comparisons can help CyOps identify the perpetrators and can offer clues about how the attack was waged.

CyOps has information about several famous cyberattacks including Solar Sunrise, Moonlight Maze, Honker Union, Code Red, SQL Slammer, Titan Rain, Stakkato, Poison Ivy, Senior Suter, Stuxnet, Operation Aurora, Duqu, Flame, FOXACID, and Careto.

For this assignment:

  • Research one of the aforementioned cyberattacks that have occurred in the past 10 years.
  • Select only one and write a 1500 words report that includes information about:
    • The target information environment
    • How the attack worked (technical explanation)
    • The damage caused by the attack (impact on business processes)
    • How the attack was detected (comment on incident response process)
    • The perpetrator (type of threat agent)
  • Create a table summarising your findings.

You are expected to use appropriate peer reviewed sources for developing your arguments, and the Harvard referencing style as per the University regulations.

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