Bank network design and recomendation


Network Design and Architecture (4 pages)

The Network Design and Architecture section should include the following: 

The design and architecture will include network model drawings, descriptions, and justification of the design and architecture.

  • Infrastructure:
    • Describe the network architecture       that is suitable for this distributed network.
    • Include at least 1 visual       model of the system that identifies the major components.
    • Justify the physical design of the       system with reference to the requirements established in previous       sections of the proposal.
    • Summarize the estimated cost of the       network infrastructure.
  • Software:
    • Describe the software required for       the network.
    • Include the operating systems and       other software applications that are required to meet the functional and       operational requirements established in previous sections of the       proposal.
    • Summarize the estimated cost of the       network software.

Future Needs Analysis and Recommendations (3 pages)

  • Research current and future trends       in distributed networking.
  • Summarize at least three potential       changes in distributed networking that might affect your company.

Provide a modified design and architecture and discuss the changes from the original design proposal that would be required to support the new requirements 

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