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This is both classes together will send responses later. Only two things this week but if you get them done early I will send you the final so you can start working on it for class 371. It is not due for 2 weeks.
The topics this week focus on the intent and the criminal act (i.e., mens rea and actus rea).  Other areas looked at include the different types of liability and how intent factors into them.  Laws are also looked at with an eye towards how they classify different acts and intents.

Professional relationships between private security and public law enforcement are examined as well.


Chapters six and seven of the class text.

Forum Assignment:

None this week.

Personal Assignment:

Research the manslaughter or first degree murder statute for the state you were born in. What language is used to describe the person’s state of mind? If you could re-write the statute, how would you change it and why ? Be specific.


“Thoroughly” answer the “three” end of chapter critical thinking or review questions from this week’s assigned reading (“one” question from the end of each chapter). Your choice which three, but one from “each” chapter).

Special Notes: Before answering, first repeat the questions. Lastly, ensure you use your course text book via in-text citations with a matching reference to support and enhance your answers. Additional outside (non-course text book) sources (“properly” cited and referenced per the APA) are highly encouraged for superior scores.


You will post one response to the forum discussion prompt and a “minimum of two responses (more “substantive” responses for a “superior” score) to your classmates (or instructor, if a follow-up question is asked) each discussion week (weeks 1 – 3 and 5 – 7). “Single space only” in forums. Importantly, to keep everyone on the same sheet of music, “post only during the current course week” (do “not” post in advance).

The response to each forum prompt must be a minimum of “500 words” in length (“excluding” the directions, questions, quotations, notes, or references).  Each of the required two responses to your classmates (or instructor) must be a minimum of “200 words” in length.



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