DB #2 – Ethics

Think about companies currently or recently in the news and facing charges of actual or potential ethical impropriety.  Describe the situation and analyze whether you agree with what they are facing.  Then respond to two other students.


DB#3 – Crimes

Most of you are aware of Bernie Madoff and Martha Stewart (as mentioned in Chapter 2).  Some have recommended legislation that provides stricter penalties and jail time for convicted executives. It has been argued that some highly paid business executives engage in illegal practices because they doubt that their misdeeds will ever be discovered or that they will not be prosecuted.  Discuss whether or not you agree there should be stricter penalties (include an example).  Respond to 2 other students.


DB # 4 – Negligence

As you learned in Chapter 4, contributory negligence means that the plaintiff has contributed to his or her own injury, even in a minor way, and as a result, may not be able to collect any damages. In comparative negligence, the plaintiff may be partly at fault for the injury, but can still be awarded damages, although the amount of the award would be reduced proportionately.  Do you agree with these two theories – which one do you prefer and why?   Be certain to use an example.  Respond to 2 other students.



 Essentials of Business Law by Anthony L. Liuzzo,  McGraw-Hill, c.2016 9th ed , ISBN 9780078023194 



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