BULAW1503 Week 8 Assignment- Commercial Law




The purpose of the assignment is for you to undertake independent research into a particular aspect of law, to reflect on and consider particular legal issues and to apply your legal skills.  It is important for you to think through how to structure and present arguments, and to discuss what the law is or should be in a particular area. This assessment task also gives you the opportunity to put the skills you have learned in tutorials into practice. The length of the assignment is to be 2000 words. Please provide a word count with the assignment. Do not include the references or bibliography in the word count.  We recommend that you carefully read this information, making sure that when you write your assignment you answer the questions asked and address the criteria outlined in your course description. Most marks are given for analysis; very few marks are given for the mere stating of information.  The greatest emphasis from this criterion in this assessment task is on the application of knowledge and the arguments presented to justify your position. Note the presentation requirements and the warning about plagiarism elsewhere the Course Description.

Topic: Complete both questions in this assignment.  The first question requires you to read and analyse and respond to the question asked.  The second question requires you to read, research and write an appropriate response to the question asked.

Evan has a current comprehensive building insurance policy on his classic Victorian cottage located in Ballarat, Victoria.  At the time of application, the insurer “INTOINSURE” asked numerous questions regarding the building integrity including specific questions about the construction of the building roof and walls among others.

In response to these questions, in part due to his misunderstanding and also partly due to his impatience Evan responded that the building had no structural issues but left a series of questions on wall and roof construction incomplete. On the basis of the responses, the insurer followed up with Evan.

Evan had recently undertaken substantial renovations.  When queried by an INTOINSURE employee, he verbally described those renovations and added that the work was completed by qualified tradespersons. On that basis the insurer accepted Evan’s application and forwarded all documents to Evan. At that point, Evan does not mention the complaints he has made to the relevant Building Services Authority about the tradespersons due to their unsafe and questionable workmanship.   

Two months after obtaining the policy of insurance a storm destroys the house. Following the loss, the insurer conducts an investigation that reveals the building destruction is caused, in part by the storm but also by weakness in the structural integrity of the cottage related to the poor quality of the renovations.


  1. In relation to the above topic, identify all of the relevant issues in insurance law and in your discussion consider whether Evan will able to rely upon his comprehensive building insurance policy for full indemnity. (20 marks)

2.       Treat this question as separate from the above and answer this question as a research essay question. Explain how ‘misrepresentation’ can be a justification for an insurer to negate the claim of an insured. (15 marks)

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