Business control plan & Disasater recovery plan (2 Questions)


Course: Business Control and Disaster Recovery plan:

Please write the paper in favor of Computer science students.


 1)  must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly references.  (At least 2 references for each question)

2) Each Question should be between 200-300 Words.

Question 1):

Discuss the challenges that incident handlers face in identifying incidents when resources have been moved to a cloud environment.   

Follow up your discussion with a recent article discussing a company who has begun utilizing a cloud environment and what challenges they may face.  Make sure to cite the article.

Question 2):    –     choose one of the below 3 topics.

Emergency Operation Plan: Taking Control of the Situation 


 Crisis Management Plan: Minimizing the Damage


  Evaluating Risk: Understanding what Can Go Wrong 

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