60- year old Caucasian male

5’11” 200 pounds

No known drug allergies

Current medications:  Lisinopril

CC:  Urinary Frequency and Nocturia

Patient reports having to urinate 8-10 times during the day.  He also states he now has to get up 3 times during the night to urinate.  Patient believes this has been going on for about 3 months.  When asked about his symptoms over the last month, he reports the following:

a) He feels his bladder is not empty after urinating over 50% of the time

b) Feels as if he goes to the restroom every two hours less than 50% of the time

c) States weak urine stream is present more than 50% of the time

After referral to this primary care physician, his PSA results are 1.2ng/ml.

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