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Mr. X is a 33 yr old Hispanic male who presented to the ed with a complaint of muscle aches and just not feeling good. He is a construction worker and has been working outside in 100-105 F degree weather for the last 3 days. No past medical history and no medications. Mother is a diabetic, the father has HTN. He has been experiencing an increased thirst and has noticed a decrease in his urine output. Urine is tea color. Temp 98.6, heart rate 105, respiratory rate 16 BP 110/70 laying, 90/60 while standing. he appears tired, dry mucous membranes, and has generalized muscle tenderness.

Sodium 150, potassium 5.5, creatinine 2.5, BUN 70, Osmolality 302, Hematcrit 54%, Hemoglobin 18.

With a Diagnosis of dehydration

What actual or potential complication is related to the diagnosis?

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