Chapt 7 EX

During an interview, the case manager demonstrates attitudes about self and others. One way to learn about these attitudes and characteristics is to watch others conduct interviews. A good practice is to watch interviewers on television. The following programs will work for this assignment:

  • Oprah
  • Meet the Press
  • Dr. Phil
  • Good Morning America
  • Today Show
  • Larry King

While you are watching the interviews, make notes on the attitudes and characteristics that are important for good interviewing.

General Observations

  1. Describe how the interviewer presents him- or herself.
  2. What are your initial impressions of the interviewer?
  3. What happens in the interview to cause these initial impressions?
  4. Describe how the interviewer greets the interviewee. What type of climate does the greeting establish?
  5. Does the interviewer control the interview?

Focus on the Interviewee

  1. What is the interviewer’s attitude toward the interviewee? How does the interviewer convey this attitude?
  2. Does the interviewer demonstrate respect for the interviewee? How is respect or lack of it conveyed during the interview?
  3. How does the interviewer convey empathy?
  4. Does the interviewer convey cultural sensitivity or the lack of it? How?