CJA/484 Week 4 DQ


DQ 1: 


What examples exist of past and present trends pertaining to the operation of community corrections?


What examples exist of past and present trends pertaining to the operation of institutional corrections? 


How do institutional corrections and community corrections differ in relation to operations and purpose? 


How can we improve the purpose and operation of corrections by utilizing past, current, and future trends?




DQ 2:


What are the fiscal demands of correctional organizations (institutional and community corrections)?   


(A Budget or Budget Reduction is not a fiscal demand.  Administrators use the budget to pay for the fiscal demands.  Ensure you examine fiscal demands.) 


How do these demands directly affect the organization, administration, and operation of correctional organizations? 


What changes would you recommend to improve the fiscal situations and demands that affect the administration and operation of correctional organizations? 


Explain your responses with appropriate research.




DQ 3:


What are examples of educational and behavioral treatment programs used in institutional and community corrections? 


How do educational and treatment programs affect the success of rehabilitation?  


What would happen to rehabilitation efforts and success if these programs were limited, or not available?  


Explain all concepts.


DQ 4:

How do jails differ from prisons? 

What is the relationship between jails and prisons as they relate to community corrections? 


What would happen if jails and prisons were combined into one large correctional facility? 




DQ 5:


What evidence-based practices exist for institutional corrections?


What are the advantages of evidence-based practices in rehabilitation practices?


What are the disadvantages? 


Explain all concepts.






In text citations and references for all answers. 150-300 words per answer unless you feel it needs more too adequately answer the topic.


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