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Respond to each of the following 5 class introduction in your group to welcome them to the course and note similarities or differences in leadership or personal experiences and interest in this course.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Daura and I am currently a nurse in the Northern area. I have spent the last five years in pediatrics, but recently decided to try adult nursing (yikes!) on a PCU floor just to have more critical care experience. It’s a whole new world on the adult side. I do see myself going back to pediatrics in a few years.

I am original from Hershey and have lived in the NoVA area for the last seven and a half years. I have two dogs and two kids, a two-year-old and a six-month-old who would keep me busy even if I didn’t work full time. When I am not at work my time is spent with my husband and kids, since COVID started we have been doing lots of outdoor adventures. I thrive off scheduled chaos. My kids are in bed by 7:30 so I have the evenings dedicated to schoolwork.

In my first undergraduate degree (biology) I had several internships which I gained leadership experience overseeing different research studies. I joined a safety committee while working in pediatrics which was a great leadership experience. I hope to gain knowledge on how to become a better leader in the world of nursing. My unit sent me to a charge nurse course in December and everything taught from this course will only benefit me as a charge nurse in the future.

Best Wishes and Good Luck to everyone


Hello! My name is henry, I am a labor and delivery nurse. I’m currently working on my BSN here at DDU. I intend on finishing this and moving on to Midwifery school. Before I was a nurse I was a birth doula. In my role as a birth doula I often found myself in a leadership role among the other doulas in my group, I sort of fell into that role through seniority. I had to organize events and figure out logistics for our daily operations. I hope to gain skills to take leadership roles without any hesitation or intimidation through this class. 


Hello everyone,

My name is Helix. I have been working as a nurse for over 14 years. I have worked as a home health nurse with geriatric patients as well as pediatric patients. Most of my nursing career has been working as a school nurse. I have worked as a school nurse for over 12 years and love working with children. I have two adult daughters and an eight-year-old grandson. Working full time and taking classes does not leave a lot of spare time, but when I do have spare time, I enjoy spending it with my family. 

I had not had much experience in a leadership role until I began pursuing a BSN degree. After beginning the BSN program at DDU I was given the opportunity to further my career. For the past year and a half, I have worked in a nursing leadership role with the school system where I have worked for over 12 years. I look forward to this class and learning ways to better myself as I continue my nursing career. 

I hope everyone has a successful and blessed semester. Best of luck to everyone!


Hello everyone! My name is Tanya and I am in the RN-BSN program. I graduated from Tide College in 2018, took on the NCLEX, and then in October I started my first RN position on a Step-Down unit in Norfolk, VA. I have 2 more classes left in this program and I’m excited to expand my nursing career and gain those extra letters behind my name. Although we all find it hard to navigate through this pandemic, my coworkers hold me up and keep my spirits high. 

I recently ran into a role where I help out a Food Pantry Project which provides meals/snacks to COVID units at my hospital. I also play an active role in partnership meetings on my unit where we discuss how to make our unit a better place to work and take care of our patients. Good luck to everyone this semester!


I am currently in the post-licensure program here at DDU and will be graduated (fingers crossed) this winter!  I have been working as a registered nurse in the ICU for about 2.5 years now.  I was working at a local hospital in Norf, MD, however, I just recently started travel nursing and am currently working at an ICU in Charlotte, NC.  I love travel nursing and my only regret is not doing it sooner!  I love getting to experience different hospital systems and having the ability to explore places I might not have otherwise.  It has not come without its challenges, but it’s been a rewarding experience thus far!  Aside from nursing life, I am married to my wonderful husband Chris and we have the cutest boxer pup named Millie who keep us busy.  I love to be outdoors and really enjoyed baking in my free time.

As far as leadership experience goes, I don’t really have any.  I have not worked in a leadership role or managerial capacity before nursing and certainly have not while being a nurse.  To be frank, being in leadership is not something I have previously given much consideration.  I don’t know a whole lot about leadership other than what I have seen and experienced in my workplaces, so I am hoping that this class will help me gain a better understanding of the role of leadership in nursing and what exactly it entails.  I look forward to this semester and working alongside everyone!   

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