Respond to the following:

You are the HR Manager for the Pleasantville School District. Although it hadn’t done so before, the district recently implemented a person-focused pay program. This program offers a pay increase to teachers who pursue additional education and training. You were on the team that developed this policy, which has been approved but has not yet been disseminated district-wide.

One of the high school teachers has scheduled an appointment with you to review how the program works. You plan to review the policy with the teacher and give him a paper copy as a leave-behind piece.

In this post:

· Write the policy for the Pleasantville School District’s person-focused pay program that will be shared with the teacher. At a minimum, be sure to address the person-focused pay program’s:

o Purpose and description, including effective policy dates.

o Eligibility requirements. (Who is eligible to participate in the program?)

o Acceptable types of education and training. (What is eligible for reimbursement?)

o Awards for successful completion of training or education (promotional opportunities, compensation, non-monetary rewards, et cetera).

Note: Remember that well-written policies are understandable and to the point. Keep the policy to one page at most.