Compare and contrast vertical      and horizontal integration.

Unit 4 Main Discussion Board

Escalation and Fairness

Assignment Objectives for Unit 4 Main DB

Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

Apply the standard of APA style to all research and writing tasks.

Explain the roles of emotion and fairness in decision making.

Assignment (Below)

This DB has three parts:

  1. Compare and contrast vertical      and horizontal integration.  What are some of the variables make each      of these integrations valuable? Provide an example of a vertical and a      horizontal integration that has happened recently.
  2. In what circumstances should      an organization consider diversification as a viable strategy?
  3. What benefit does a global      strategy provide an organization? Describe a situation when a global      strategy would not be a viable solution for an organization.

This MUST Be Plagiarism Free or Low Originality. You Must Provide any or all References that are Cited. All Questions Must Be Answered.