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 DQ #1: How do chiropractice practitioners view health and illness? 

Chiropractice practitioners view health as the intact condition of the spine and the good functioning of this one. At the same time Chiropractice identifies illness as the impaired conditioning of the spine and neuro-muscular system and the inability of this one to function proper and coordinated.Fontaine, K. (2019).

Chiropractors are health professionals of the CAM who focus on the well-functioning of the neuro-muscular system by assessing the spine and looking for injuries and abnormalities in the posture and functioning of this one. Chiropractors as any other health care providers will first find the problem in the spine and then will focus on treating the problem that most of the times consist in applying pressure on certain points of the spine to release tension from muscles and adjust joints and bones on the affected site of the the body.Jansen, E. (2017).

Chiropractors also believe that pain results in illness of the body. Therefore their major goal when a patient seeks the attention of a chiropractor and comes complaining of pain in the back, chiropractors will considered the client as an ill person and will set a plan of care to treat condition, alleviate pain and promote healing of the spine and neuro-muscular system.Fontaine, K. (2019).


Fontaine, K. (2019). Complementary and alternative therapies for nursing practice. (5th Edition) Pearson. 

Jansen, E. (2017). The role of complementary and alternative medicine in the healthcare system: a German paradox. Complementary medicine research, 24(5), 290-294.

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