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 How is the practice of yoga related to health and illness? 

Fitness doctors, gym instructors, and therapists have played a core role in promoting yoga as one of the essential healthcare practices. The practice of yoga has an intensive history since its rules and popularity originated in china a few centuries ago (Beri et al., 2020). Over the years, medical researchers have established multiple studies that evidence the correlation between yoga exercises and improved physical, mental, behavioral, and psychological health (Eggen, 2020). However, the limited information regarding yoga’s healthcare benefits is one of the core factors that hinder its popularity in many parts of the world.

Yoga is more popular among women as compared to men. However, one of the core benefits of practicing yoga is promoting body balance, thus improving overall strength and flexibility (Eggen, 2020). Yoga has been identified as an essential healthcare practice since it plays a core in relieving pain and strengthening the heart’s internal muscles and other critical organs in the body (Beri et al., 2020). Besides, yoga is recommended or prescribed to the patient with various sleep disorders since it helps to reduce anxiety and boost the quality of sleep.

Moreover, yoga practice plays a vital role in improving the outcome and the efficiency of therapy needed to treat the back of joint, back, neck, and other types of pains. The limited or delayed integration of yoga as a core healthcare practice is one of the major factors that limited its contribution to improving patients’ health (Eggen, 2020). Hence, it is critical to promote the efficiency of yoga through training and policing.


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