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DQ#2 Discuss the concepts of meditation and how they may assist in helping your patient deal with stress/anxiety.

Meditation is part of the Ayurvedic Medicine in CAM. Meditation consists in the focused concentration of the mind in a specific space where thoughts have no place. Meditation is practiced with the end of relieving mental pressure and stress. This Ayurvedic therapy can be practiced in any place at any time, preferably using a quiet environment to focus the five senses of our body in the current activity and to avoid distraction or stimulation of our senses. Fontaine, K. (2019).

I believe Meditation can help our patients in a positive way. When a person suffers a state of illness the first reaction of our mind, in most of the cases, is to worry and think about any complication that illness can bring. During Hospitalization the patient goes through a process that first of all, requires a different environment, the fact that physicians and nurses go in and out the room with different explanations, treatment and interventions can be also very stressful and sometimes the process is harder because an excess of stress and tension is experienced during this time.Jansen, E. (2017).

 Therefore, meditation can be very helpful in a state of illness, through the practice of this therapy the person can be able to relief stress and be able to cope easily with the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. I believe that nurses could make a big impact on patients by teaching them how to mediate in such a stressful time, this practice could bring many benefits to the patient’s psychological state.Jansen, E. (2017).


Fontaine, K. (2019). Complementary and alternative therapies for nursing practice. (5th Edition) Pearson. 

Jansen, E. (2017). The role of complementary and alternative medicine in the healthcare system: a German paradox. Complementary medicine research, 24(5), 290-294

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