Complete the Workforce Planning Worksheet 

Imagine you are the Talent Management Director of an organization.

Create a 12- to 15-question organizational development needs survey using Microsoft® Word. Then fill out the Workforce Planning Worksheet and each of the two boxes.

Include questions that ask leaders to evaluate their teams and team members, as well as to rate themselves. Questions could include items referring to:

·      specific job skills and competencies

·      employee qualifications

·      breadth of training offered and available

Complete the Workforce Planning Worksheet and and paste the Questions from the Word document in the space provided or attach as the final page of the document. Submit only one document.


Workforce Planning Worksheet

Survey Link

Paste the link to your Microsoft® Forms Survey here:

Executive Summary

Outline in 350 to 525 words what you hope to learn from the questions in your survey. Address specific questions and provide a rationale for selecting each.

Summarize in 350 to 525 words why the questions in your survey will be helpful in determining training and recruiting needs if talent is not able to be developed in-house. Highlight specific questions from your survey as examples.