Creating Work Breakown Structures


Work Breakdown Structure Essential Components

For this assignment, you will develop a WBS.

· There is no template provided this week for your WBS. Please submit your WBS in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, or pdf format.

· At a minimum, your WBS should:

– Identify ALL work related to your project (your WBS should comply with the 100% rule)

– Contain at least three levels, NOT including the overall project level. So at a minimum, your WBS should look like this:


· 1.0 WBS level 1

o 1.1 WBS level 2

§ 1.1.1 WBS level 3

– Contain at least 30-40 lines of detail

– Include a “code of accounts” (numbering scheme) for each WBS line item 

– Be deliverables-oriented, meaning it should NOT contain any activities (all WBS items should be nouns, no verbs should be used. See this week’s course materials for clarity about this.)

– Use the adjective / noun format for all deliverables (also see this week’s course materials about this.)

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