Crime Scene Investigation

Answer each topic with 250 word minimum.


Topic 1: Signs Of A Struggle

What signs indicate a struggle by the victim? What does the struggle indicate to the investigator? If the victim dies, what do you do to the hands?


Topic 2: Time Of Death

Determining the time of death is very important in a homicide investigation. Discuss how changes in the eyes can offer information on time of death.


Topic 3: Documentation Reviews

What documents will you need to review to accomplish this analysis? What issues must you be aware of that might taint the quality of the documents you review?


Topic 4: Data Collection Methods

·         General Topic: Electronic monitoring

·         Hypothesis: Offenders with micro-EM devices are less likely to complain (about privacy) than offenders without micro-EM devices

·         The population for the study will be random people throughout the country that are currently using EM devices

·         Probability (sampling strategy) as it will be used on a certain group of people who are using EM devices.

·         A simple random sample can be used because the population of people who use EM device are known.

Identify one or more of the data collection techniques discussed in units 7, 8, and/or 9 that might be appropriate for your study.

·         What are the strengths of this technique(s)?

·         What are the weaknesses of this technique(s)?


·         If weaknesses, how might you overcome the weaknesses of the technique(s) you identified?

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