Crime Scene Investigation

Part 1

Reply to each topic with 200 word minimum


Topic 1: Examination in Rape Cases

How would you handle a Sexual Assault Case, from start to finish?  Describe the steps. What do you think there should be in a Sexual Assault kit? What should be included in a medical examination in a rape case? How is this procedure different than any other case?


Topic 2: Burglary Scenes

You’re called to a Burglary scene and the house is a MESS.  All the drawers in the bedrooms are pulled out, the televisions and the computers are gone. As a Crime Scene Technician and the lead investigator, where do you begin? Describe the interview and processing from start to finish.


Topic 3: Ethnography Field Research

Read the following Ethnographic study.

Winlow, S., Hobbs, D., Lister, S., & Hadfield, P. (2001). Get Ready to Duck: Bouncers and the Realities of Ethnographic Research on Violent Groups. British Journal of Criminology, 41 (3), 536-548. Retrieved from

Focus on the role of observation and the dangers involved as well as the ethical considerations of conducting such research.

Identify the method of observation used in this study and why it was used. Comment on whether it was effective. Explain your reasons.


What are some of the challenges faced by the researchers in this study? How did they address them? Were they successful? Explain your answer.


Part 2

Set up a mock crime scene in your house or business and process it for evidence as you would at a real burglary scene. Take pictures of the evidence and collect it by using the method of your choice. Note: for this learning activity, you will not have package the evidence.

Submit at least four or five photos in a PowerPoint presentation with an explanation of the crime scene.


NOTE: if you do not have access to a digital camera, you may use a camera phone.

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