Criminal Justice

Answer each question (4 question) with 250 word minimum each

Forensic Chemistry and Trace Evidence Analysis

1.       Physical Evidence

a.       In the section about the identification and significance of physical evidence, the text asserts that simple rules cannot be devised for defining what constitutes a thorough and foolproof analytical scheme. Why not?

2.       Holes in Glass

a.       Why is it difficult to determine just from the size and shape of a hole in glass whether it was made by a bullet or by some other projectile?

Forensic Fingerprint Analysis

1.       Fingerprinting the Deceased

a.       Discuss the techniques available for fingerprinting the deceased and various reasons why the deceased’s standards are taken.

2.       Visible, Patent, and Latent Prints


a.       Define and give examples of visible, plastic, and latent prints. Provide a brief example of where you may find each one of these print types at a crime scene.

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