criminal justice

the questions are subjective short answer. There is no minimum word count, and essay format is not required, but the question still has to be fully answered for full credit.





Liz Rowell is prosecuting Gene Huewit for first-degree rape of a child and incest. The victim is a 7-year-old female who was brought to the emergency room with bleeding and bruising. The lead detective learned that Mr. Huewit is the victim’s uncle and has been molesting her for the last 2 months.

During jury selection, Ms. Rowell dismisses two jurors because they have, themselves, been victims of childhood abuse. This is an example of:


a. jury selection.
b. challenge for cause.
c. peremptory challenge.
d. direct evidence.
e. circumstantial evidence.





Jordan Snow has served 15 years of a 25-year sentence for first-degree rape. He was 20 when he was originally sentenced. Jordan had a previous charge of larceny, which the judge had to include during the rape sentencing. Jordan has always stated that he is innocent and one day he would prove it.

Jordan’s DNA results have come back exonerating him from the crime. He is the victim of a:

a. punishment.
b. wrongful conviction.
c. shame.
d. DNA proof.
e. prosecutorial misconduct.


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