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The following is from another student that i have to reply. 

APA, less than 10 % similarity


Suppose a 17-year-old male was in a sexual relationship with a female in her thirties. This is a willing relationship on both sides, perhaps even a relationship begun by the male. Now, if the genders were reversed and the male was the older member of the couple, the relationship would be considered sexual assault, pure and simple. But, in a situation with an older woman/younger man:

1. what do you think could or should be done? Anything?

2.Should the woman be prosecuted in this case? Should the young man (a willing participant) be considered as an adult, or as still under-aged?

Think again about the scenario as it stands, and then as it would be with reversed gender roles.

Did your opinions change from one to the other, and if so, how? Is this a double standard?


It is wrong for an adult to have a romantic relationship with a minor, even if both parties consent to the arrangement. Tener (2018) mentions that romantic relationships between an adult and minors are legally prohibited. Therefore, irrespective that the underage is male and consensual to the arrangement, the relationship should be reported to law enforcement and the welfare system. The woman should be charged in court to take advantage of a minor and exploit him sexually.

A sexual relationship between an underage male and an adult female is most likely to be perceived as sexual initiation rather than sexual exploitation. Expressly, it is likely that the 17-year-old is the one who pursued the woman. Notwithstanding, Hines and Finkelhor (2007) indicate that the arrangement is still considered statutory rape by law. In this case, the woman should be prosecuted for getting into a sexual relationship with a minor. Indeed, the 17-year-old should still be considered a minor. The law indicates that adults are persons of 18 years and above. Thus, a 17-year-old is still supposed to be under parental care and most likely in school. Moreover, the 17-year-old mind is not yet fully matured to handle the liability of sexual relationships, such as pregnancy or STIs.

A reversed role of the scenario is the most frequent statutory relationship. The law puts similar energy into minor and adult sexual relationships irrespective of which gender is the minor. Nonetheless, underage female and the adult male is more dangerous as the adolescent risks getting pregnant and bearing the financial burden of rearing a child.


Hines, D. A., Finkelhor, D. (2007). Statutory sex crime relationships between juveniles and adults: A

review of social scientific research. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 12, 300–314.

Tener, D. (2020). Perspectives on adolescent sexual relations with older persons: A systematic review

of the literature. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 21(2), 393–405.

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