Critical Analysis Essay


Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have obviously become a large part of our lives over 

the last decade or so. However, many feel that there is both good and bad in this. Questions arise 

about how the internet and social media might be affecting our

brains, behaviors, and 

relationships. Are repetitive, short

term tasks affecting our brains? What are the psychological 

effects of communicating through a machine? And finally, perhaps the most important question; 

is it affecting us in negative ways that 

we might not even be aware of? After you have read the 


Technology, Relationships, and Culture: Clinical and Theoretical Implications 

by Karen 

Zilberstein, please write a 500

word interdisciplinary critical analysis essay based on the article. 

You d

o not need to go online or to the library to find information about this topic. All the 

information you need is within the article that is provided. We want you to read, review, and 

critically analyze the information in this article. In your quiz for Unit 

2, you learned about APA 

citation style, which is used for papers written in the social science disciplines. You will need to 

cite this one reference at the end of your paper and make in

text citations throughout your


using APA citation style.

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