critical path on project



Write a 7 page APA formatted deliverable where you substantively support your choices using the critical path as a source of credibility and validation. Include 5-7 peer-reviewed references. This will require you to use MS Word and/or EXCEL to support calculations and use flowcharts, tables, and graphs.

It is recommended that you review the Critical Path thoroughly in the textbook (  Schroeder, R., Goldsetien, S. & Rungtusanatham, J. (2010). Operations Management: Operations Management in the Supply Chain: Decisions and Case, 6th edition. ISBN:978-0073525242 ). Then build your Critical Path. Include your techniques and charts.

Address Following Questions:

  • Which of the articles gave what you believe to be the most value in relationship to critical path?
  • Explain why.
  • Based on what you have read in the chapters and in the articles do you see a relevant critical path for your project forming, if so explain what it might look like and roughly how many tasks will your project include?
  • Will all of your critical tasks be deemed critical and will they potentially have dependencies?

Focus on structure, processes, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, control, and metrics.