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Discussion: Critical Thinking and Argument Contains unread posts Select one of the following statements. Using critical thinking (as defined in your doctoral readings), first defend the point of view presented. Then, present a rationale for why that point of view is not credible. Be sure to clearly indicate which position you are taking for each argument. Remember: This exercise is NOT asking you to present your own point of view. It is asking you to provide a logical argument in favor of, and then against, the statement you chose, drawing on techniques you have learned in your studies to debate clearly and dispassionately. Support both positions with outside resources. I should not be able to determine your true feelings or opinions. Here are the statements: Profit sharing is the optimal way to motivate employees. Compromise is always the best conflict management style in the workplace. Transformational leadership is always the most effective kind of leadership for an organization. Post your argument in a thread to this forum (with your name in a short title: Your Last Name_Critical Thinking). Be sure to make a substantive comment on at least two other postings.

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