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A given company may have many datasets used as part of regular business; however, those datasets may be located in different software or online. Luckily, many software programs, whether installed on a computer or online, allow users to export the data to a file which is compatible with a spreadsheet software. This could be a spreadsheet file itself or a basic text file. Almost all software will allow data to be imported from a text file, including spreadsheets. Because dataset compatibility is a feature in spreadsheets for both importing and exporting, it is very easy to manipulate and analyze data collected from a variety of organizational avenues.

For this discussion you will first go through the process of exporting data from an Access database file to an Excel spreadsheet file. Then, you will export the data to a text file.

Note: If you do not have the Access software, remember that Tiffin University gives all students access to download Microsoft Office using a Microsoft Windows account through your Tiffin email.

To prepare for the discussion, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Access database: Week 5 Database .
  2. Export the data from the Customer table in the Access database file to a spreadsheet software.
  3. Export the data from the Invoice table to a text file. You will need to search the Internet for instructions on how to do this.
  4. Attach the exported data files to your initial post.

Initial Post Instructions

In your initial post, consider the following:

  • Describe your experience in completing this task. Did you find any particularly good resources to help you complete the task? If so, which?
  • Analyze the technical aspects: comment on the makeup of the attributes of the exported text file. What other types of files does Access allow you to export? What are these types of files? Open Excel and investigate and explain the different options for importing data into Excel. Are there other means to import/export data into the software?
  • Evaluate the potential benefit of this process: In your own words, and using sources to back up your comments, how does importing/exporting common file types benefit data analysis? How might you use this in your current or future career?

Secondary Post Instructions

In your secondary posts, help classmates who got stuck during the process, offer links to resources that you plan to save for future reference, explore pros and cons of using the Access software, etc.

Your secondary posts need to be within 12 hours apart from each other. Meaning if you post your 1st  Secondary Post at 11:30am on Saturday then you must wait until 11:30pm on Saturday to post your 2nd Secondary Post.

Writing Requirements

  • Initial post 350 words
  • Cite 2 different sources in initial post
  • Secondary posts 250 words
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