Determine Key Knowledge, Skills, and Behavioral Competencies for Supervision Success

You are in the role of a seasoned supervisor who has been invited to participate in a poster session at an upcoming leadership conference for managers and supervisors. Poster sessions at conferences allow professional presenters in a specific field to share their knowledge on a topic using a creative poster. The poster can be a combination of condensed text, tables, graphs, pictures, and other presentation formats as long as it makes the point.

 The purpose of your poster presentation is to share effective practices with fellow supervisors to motivate employees who resist efforts to support positive organizational change. Explain how supervisors at various levels of their organization can successfully do this. With this in mind, using the assignment template provided or any template you find appropriate, create a 1-page poster for the session that is informational, visually interesting, and engaging. Your poster should include a short title, an abstract, information on your topic, and any conclusions or recommendations.

 The length should be between 300-500 words total. This would allow a person to read your poster quickly to grasp the concepts in no more than 5-10 minutes. 

 Support your work with at three scholarly resources. Include a separate Word file with your reference list.