Develop strategies for complex problems

Your Assignment: Write out 12 STAR Method points, one for each behavior listed in the questions below. Each story should demonstrate the appropriate behavior and targeted skills. Each story should have four points: a Situation, Task, Accomplishment and Result. The bolded questions come directly from previous Fortune 100 interviews. Be sure to upload your assignment with the instructions below.

1. Assertiveness Questions Skills targeted  Example of a time when you disagreed with a higher level person in your organization.  Tell about a time you worked with a person who was significantly higher in the higher in the organization.  Tell me about a time when you “pushed back” against doing something even though the majority, including some at a higher level, favored the idea.  Tell me about a time when you were able to secure someone’s agreement to an idea or proposal, despite their initial resistance.  Willing to ask more senior people to undertake specific activities  Comfortable dealing with senior people concerning delicate or difficult issues  States own opinion when in disagreement with senior people Situation: Task: Accomplishment: Result:

2 2. Critical Thinking Questions Skills targeted  Describe the most complex assignment or project you worked on.  Describe an assignment or project where the work was not well defined or in an area of little experience/knowledge.  Tell me about a difficult problem you faced and how you solved it.  Develops strategies for complex problems  Creates tools for complex technical issues  Organizes complex information into categories  Pinpoints key issues in complex situations  Uses creative solutions with solving problems  Makes systemic decisions Situation: Task: Accomplishment: Result:

3. Taking Ownership Questions Skills targeted  Walk me through experience – had to work with others to get something done.  Tell me about a situation – had to work in a group not functioning well.  Tell me about a time when something significant was accomplished that you made happen.  Extra time or effort for others  Feels personal obligation to others  Takes tasks not usually required of them  Work is completed despite pressure or obstacles Situation: Task: Accomplishment: Result:

4. Sales Orientation Questions Skills targeted  Tell about a time you had an idea or solution you needed to sell in your organization or to others.  Tell about a time you were able to do something in your work environment which you had always wanted to do. How did it come about?  Leverages relations for intro to key individuals  Uses third parties as references to create a desired opportunity for self or organization  Recognizes change presents new opportunities  Identifies situations as enhancers or barriers to future opportunities  Influences key decision makers: knowledge of their business, function, industry or key players Situation: Task: Accomplishment: Result: