Discussion 04.2: Hospital Compare Ratings

Discussion 04.2: Hospital Compare Ratings

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced unprecedented relief for the clinicians, providers, and facilities participating in Medicare quality reporting programs. This means that resources such as Hospital Compare will be affected regarding currency and reliability of data. Using the Hospital Compare Website, find three (3) hospitals in your state or area to compare. (The original assignment asked to compare hip/knee surgery but you can choose the disease process but it must be more than the star ratings). Make a chart (using excel or word) to list your findings. 

Once you have Chosen and compared your three hospitals:

1. Speculate on how the validity of quality reporting might change.

2. How might the current situation affect the relevancy of quality measures? Will they become obsolete? Why or why not.

3. From the list of measures, describe which ones you feel are most relevant to the current pandemic.

Length: 250-350 words, initial response by Thursday, responses 100-150 words by Sunday.

Be sure to reference your information. 

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