Discussion 2.1: Choose Your Organization!

HA4110D – Healthcare Planning and Evaluation

 Discussion 2.1: Choose Your Organization!

 Choose a healthcare organization to use throughout the course. It can be one you are affiliated with or one you have heard of based on life experiences.

In order to complete your assignments from week 2 through week 11 an organization must be chosen.

You will use this organization in various exercises, assignments, discussions and your final project.

The organization must be within the United States.

In your initial post, provide the following:

.The organization’s name

.Is this going to be about one healthcare facility such as one hospital, or will it be about a organization that umbrellas many healthcare facilities?

.Location(s) ** Your organization must be in the UNITED STATES no foreign organizations

.Website link

.Name of their specialties (if any)

.Are they for profit or non-profit?

.Number of employees

Explain why you chose this organization.