Discussion 2 – Week 11

Discussion 2: This Course as a Prerequisite for the Final Doctoral Study

How might this course contribute to your final doctoral study? As you continue exploring the field and practice of health care administration, your experiences throughout the Doctor of Healthcare Administration program will help inform the planning, design, and completion of your doctoral study. As you explore the topics in each course in your program, reflect on how the topics covered might relate to and contribute to your research.

For this Discussion, reflect on your experiences in completing this course. Consider how this course might contribute to your doctoral study and practice of health care administration. Then, review the DHA doctoral study guidebook in this week’s resources. This doctoral study guidebook outlines the processes necessary to complete the requirements for the doctoral study in the DHA program.

By Day 5

Post an explanation of how this course contributes to the doctoral study you will complete in the research forum (DDHA 8900/9100).