Discussion 7: PowerPoint Project

This discussion is broken down into two parts.  It will have 2 due dates.  The first due date, 4/28, will be when you post a draft of your presentation to get options from classmates.  The earlier you post the better, so that you can make improvements and corrections.  Even if you don’t have a completed presentation, an outline would do.  The second due date, 5/2, is when the 2 comments on other students posts are due.  Even though that’s after the due date for the presentation, it’s useful to get opinions.

Part 1:

For the first part of this discussion, you will need to post your final PowerPoint project into the discussion post in addition to you submitting it in the assignment submission folder.  This needs to be done PRIOR to the posting date listed in your syllabus. 

You will need to do an original post before you can read other students’ posts.

Part 2:

For Part 2, you will need to watch a majority of the PowerPoint projects from your classmates and then choose two (2) to respond to in the discussion board.  Your two (2) separate responses will be in the form of a review of each project, what you learned about the topic covered, and what you liked about the presentation overall.  Your responses should be well thought out and further the discussions. Remember, when writing on a discussion board, including personal experiences and examples can help to make your posts more interesting and unique

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