DF: Clinical Practice Guidelines 

Assignment: Review and perform a literature search on the topic of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).

Quotations are not to be used in this assignment. Paraphrase your sources.

Select your coach’s group to post your initial and response discussion. There is a 10-pt penalty for posting in the wrong group or adding a new topic. 

Initial Post

o Define the concept of CPGs.

o Explain how CPGs are developed.

o Define uses of CPGs.  

o There is a 300-word limit. Citations are counted, references are not counted.

o Use as many scholarly resources as necessary to support your discussion. You may use your textbook as additional support.  

o Be mindful of your APA as it relates to proper grammar, spelling, citations, and references. Hanging indents and double spacing are not required. 

o The links to your references must be active to get credit for the resource. Check your links before posting. 

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